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Blue way Sky Infotech (Edu & IT) Solution India's Best UGC, DEB, AICTE Universities Admission Guidance, Counseling & Information Provider

Blue way Sky Infotech is a trusted name in the IT sector since 2015. Blue way Sky Infotech has decided to work together with the R U C S V S to promote the skill sector in India. Our goal is to make people aware of the areas living in rural and urban areas by providing them with relevant information. Our aim is to give everyone the skill-related training and make them fully ready for self-employment. However, India continues to face stiff challenges. Despite growing investment in education, 25% of its township is still illiterate. only 15% of the students reach high school in rural areas, and just 7% graduate. The condition at skill realted education is still dampen. The quality of education is many poor as compared with major developing other nations. Read More >>

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To provide Skills & Training based education those belonging to disadvantaged groups (e.g. the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, Socially and Educationally disadvantaged classes and other socially, culturally, ....

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